Dynamite Tour - Carnet de bord

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Eddy Cort
Eddy Cort

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MessageSujet: Dynamite Tour - Carnet de bord   Dynamite Tour - Carnet de bord I_icon_minitimeJeu 24 Mai - 12:05

The Burning Fire – Dynamite Tour

Carnet de bord

Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles (CA)
Hitting The Road Again - ft. Timmy Evans & Liam Taylor
In Nathan's World - ft. Luke Werner & Nathan J.Williams
Rencontre à la sortie d'un concert - ft. Francis Hamilton & Katheryna Saint-Pierre
The Threats Of A Drunk Guy - ft. Timmy Evans & Howard Stone
She'll Know For The Things She Does On The Mattress - ft. Howard Stone, Apolline Mclagan & Carolyn Adam

Royal Albert Hall - London (UK)
Voices - ft. David McAvoy
Fly Like An Eagle - ft. Aunt Betty & Nathan J. Williams
The Homo Superior Returns - ft. David McAvoy & Timmy Evans
Need For Speed - ft. Howard Stone & Sonny Robson
Interview With A Control Freak - ft. Sydney Grey & Timmy Evans
Scars - Libre
First Row After... The Show - ft. Apolline Mclagan, Mackenzie & Howard Stone

Rock Werchter – Werchter (Belgium)
Bad Timing - ft. Daniele Ricci & Jake Snyder

Day 1 - BleedingHeart/The Burning Fire

Black Hole And Lace - ft. Sonne Moriarty & Daniele Ricci
The Last Few Bricks - ft. Timmy Evans & Jake Snyder
Love Gone Wild [HOT] - ft. Sonne Moriarty & Amon Sørensen
Special Delivery - ft. Brooke A.Watson & Jimmy Reed
Fireworks - ft. Howard Stone, David McAvoy & Jack Perry
A Lot Of Good News - ft. Olivia & Julian Hughes
The Lady, The Man And The Orphan Who Wanted To Sing - ft. Brooke A. Watson, Jesse Stark & Jack Perry
Like A Light In The Dark - ft. Maritza Cortez & Jimmy Reed
Is It Time To Apologize ? - ft. Howard Stone, & Olivia Hughes
Big Scene For Little Star - ft. Howard Stone, Jesse Stark & Jack Perry
In A Maze - ft. Abel Hudson & David McAvoy
[DREAM]We Both Need It [HOT] - ft. Maritza Cortez & Daniele Ricci

Day 2 - Livia/Roadtramp

Giving A Boost To Love - ft. Carolyn Adam & Eddy Cort
We Both Are Here To Follow A Star - ft. Carolyn Adam & Julian Hughes
Maybe We Can Talk ? - ft. Olivia Hughes & Daniele Ricci
Have I Been Guilty All This Time ? - ft. Daniele Ricci & Jimmy Reed
Teenage Issues - ft. Olivia Cortez & Jack Perry

Shibuya Public Hall -  Tokyo (Japan)
Little Stone, Big Deal - ft. Mackenzie Stone & Delfino Alvarez
Welcome To My New World - ft. Leia O'Reily, Duncan & Jordan Keller
Messy Radio Stars - ft. Sydney Grey, David McAvoy & Howard Stone
Let's Try Once Out Of Our Mind - ft. Sydney Grey& David McAvoy
The Burning Chaos - ft. Sydney Grey, Nathan J.Williams, Timmy Evans & David McAvoy
Breathless - ft. Howard Stone & Amon Sørensen
Aftershocks - ft. Nathan J.Williams, Mackenzie Stone & Abel Hudson
Booemrang - ft. Timmy Evans & Amon Sørensen
Time To Go! - ft. Sydney Grey & David McAvoy
News From The Front - ft. Luke Werner & Howard Stone

Festival Hall - Melbourne (Australia)
Everybody's Fool - ft. Sydney Grey & David McAvoy
With Friends Surrounded - Libre
How Do You Feel? - ft. Sydney Grey & David McAvoy
The Last Mile - ft. Delfino Alvarez & Abel Hudson
Prenup' Contract & High Interest - ft. Peyton "Lola" Davis & Timmy Evans
Because You Love Me - ft. Peyton "Lola" Davis & Howard Stone
Battle Of Ego - Libre
Brotherhood Attitude - ft. Mackenzie Stone & Delfino Alvarez

Just Need A Race To See Each Other - ft. Howard Stone & Sonny Robson
The Godfather - ft. Howard Stone & Hank North
The Call Of Despair - ft. Apolline Mclagan & Howard Stone
Unpredictable Duet - ft. Howard Stone, David McAvoy & Jack Perry
[DREAM]White Room - ft. Sydney Grey & David McAvoy
Reassured - ft. David McAvoy & Howard Stone
Phonebooth - ft. Nathan J. Williams & River Moriarty
You've Been The Worst - ft. Jordan & Duncan Keller
No Mercy - ft. Howard Stone & Jack Perry

© Billy Lighter

Forever trusting who we are. No, nothing else matters ©️ Metallica
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Dynamite Tour - Carnet de bord

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